Consultation Services

At Making Shift Happen, we believe in promoting positive change through in-depth problem analysis, innovative solution development, and partnering to implement change effectively.  Our team of experts can provide analysis, solutions, and training, as well as marketing and promotion guidance, based on organizational, behavioral, and marketing psychology theories and change techniques.  No problem is too big or too small for our team.  

Our Consultation Services include:

-Problem analysis and innovation solution development to individuals, small businesses, organizations, and corporations.

-Customized consulting, analysis, training, solution implementation, and solution coaching.

-Marketing and revenue analysis to develop new areas of marketing, new marketing strategies based in marketing and behavioral psychology, loss analysis, expansion of marketing areas, and increasing productivity and profits.

-Marketing and promotion consultation and services to individuals and businesses.

-Program and business general evaluations to provide analysis of current functioning and recommend changes for growth.

-Development of training and business protocols to address areas of need and develop staff.

-Customized consultations and trainings in leadership, change management, stress management, employee motivation, promoting positive change, time management and analysis, team development, personal growth and goal setting, marketing psychology, organizational change, increasing productivity and profits, organizational well-being and employee management, strategic planning, problem identification, innovations in problem solving, implementing effective behavior change, understanding decision making, and policy development.

-Drone aerial video and photography for promotional, marketing, artwork and inspection purposes. 

We believe in creating innovative solutions for individuals, businesses, organizations, and corporations to "make shift happen" and increase positivity, productivity, and profits.

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